The Invisible Tree AKA Luddite Cloaking Device

My tree creates an optical illusion where the mirrored reflections appear to allow you to look through the tree. (these are hard drive platters, read on)

The story on the tree:

I used to climb this tree as a kid, it brought me great joy because it was my tree. It’s been close to death for a long time now, When I moved back to my family home I decided it needed a grand send off into the tree afterlife. This is the most personally satisfying piece I’ve ever created.


A beautiful and probably the largest wind chime I know of, tones are light, and vary based on thickness of platters, and how they hang. It’s not loud, it’s just big.

Evening lawn faeries (reflections) dance, it’s not very reflective in the dark which is weird, but good.

Technical details:

650 hard drive platters (so far), these are NOT CD’s as they would leave silver shards all over your lawn in a month or 3.

Roughly 10 days to harvest and deal with the waste, (there’s not much waste BTW as that goes into more art)

I estimate this tree contains 700-1000TB of formerly loved data.